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Wall connector

Mounted to a wall or post, the wall connector can be installed both indoors and outdoors.

Power Options

customizable power levels, allowing installation with any circuit breaker ranging from 6A to 32A. Compatible with 230 volt single phase and 400-volt three-phase power supplies.

Multiple connectors

As many as four wall connectors can share available power, making them perfect for owners with more than one Tesla or commercial installations.

Home Energy Control

Monitor and control charging, and get notifications when charging is complete, with the Tesla app.



Our Engineers and Technicians can provide you an all round expert advice. We can guide you through the complete process with hassle free steps and also suggest you how to optimise your usage.


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A maximum charge rate depends on three components, shown below. The component that channels the least power, referred to as the “slowest link”, determines the maximum charge rate. Grid connection at your home Grid connection size & configuration varies in Australia, an electrician will be able to determine your capacity, current electrical demand and safely install your Wall Connector. Tesla Wall Connector The maximum power output of the Wall Connector is 22 kW, meaning it is never the slowest link of the home charging installation. Your Tesla The onboard charger, which is built into your car, has a maximum rate at which it can deliver energy to the battery. * Different Tesla cars have different onboard charger capabilities.
Your TeslaOnboard Charger Rate (kW)*Typical Added Range
Model 31175 km/h
Model S / Model X16.590-80 km/h
Model S before May 201611 or 22
Check vehicle configuration
60 km/h

110 km/h

Wall Connector Mobile Connector CCS Combo 2 Adaptor

For customers who live in multi-family buildings, there may be additional levels of management approval before you can get started.

We’ve created a Template letter requesting approval for charging installation in your private carpark. Customise this to communicate the value of home charging for you and your building, to ensure all stakeholders are aware of your planned purchase, and desire to have electric vehicle.

Tesla has years of experience working with property managers and recommending solutions that meet the needs of each stakeholder. For additional information, contact us at charging_au@tesla.com.



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