Residential Solar Energy Systems in Sydney- Quality Solar System offers the complete Residential Solar solution for your rooftop. Be assured as you have come to the right place.

Residential Solar Panel Services

Are you aware of the numerous advantages of solar power systems on the Central Coast? Furthermore, do you want to reduce your household’s energy consumption? Do you want a company that provides solar power products that are tailored to your specific requirements? Specifically, do you require high-quality solar energy solutions and services?

Many residences on the central coast of NSW have made the switch to clean energy. It’s past time for you to switch to solar energy for your home! When you choose solar panels on the Central Coast to power your home, you are making the right decision in more ways than one. It is not only environmentally friendly, but it also saves money on electricity costs. 

Quality Solar Sydney has certified, accredited home solar system installers with the best solar solutions suited to your power needs. We will install residential solar panels, systems, and inverters that will light your home 24/7. Based on where your property is situated, the size of your rooftop, your demands, and, of course, if you require night-time solar power on the Central Coast of NSW for power consumption. 

We have ideal and comprehensive residential solar system solutions that we customize to meet your energy consumption needs and your budget. We only use branded solar panels and systems, and we propose a few solar panel products.

For your rooftop, Quality Solar System offers a full home solar system. You may relax since you’ve arrived at the correct place. 

Solar Panels For Residential Use

We’ll come to you anywhere on the Central Coast of NSW, including The Entrance and Gosford, to install your system. We’ll find a means to link you whether you’re in a rural off-grid property or a downtown apartment. 

Quality Solar Sydney only hires the best solar installers in central coast NSW that are fully CEC accredited and insured to do the job. At residential homes, we can install solar power systems central coast that are on-grid, off-grid, or hybrid.

Different Solar Power Types For Residential Use

A typical solar system consists of a mounting frame, PV modules (Solar Panels), and an inverter that converts DC to AC power so that you can consume or export the energy generated.

On-Grid Systems

A solar panel installation central coast that is linked to the consumer energy grid is the most popular. The Grid Connect technology will send extra energy back into the power grid through your meter, for which you will be compensated by the energy provider with which you have a connection. 

Battery Backup For Hybrid On-Grid System

Hybrid systems are a mix of on-grid and off-grid technologies. They are both grid-connected and include a battery storage system. While the load is being powered during the day, the batteries are being recharged. If there is still excess power generation after the load has been powered, the excess is sent to the grid, for which the user is compensated monetarily. 

Off-Grid Systems

A battery backup is offered on these systems. Future Solar Systems effectively store electricity during the day to operate your house at night while you produce your consumption power and utilize it at your timing, giving you the benefit of supplying energy during power shortages. 

The Process Of Providing Residential Solar Solutions


Analysis And Solution Of Property

Our team of engineers does a 360° Electrical & Rooftop Analysis after setting up a meeting with potential clients. We offer a complete solar rooftop solution after extensive research.


Consultation And Budget

Our company’s top focus is customer happiness. That is why any solar-related questions the client may have been discussed and answered. It’s critical to have clarity in the generated quote and solar panel installation central coast services.


Panel And Inverter

When it comes to inverter and panel brands, Quality Solar Sydney has a variety of possibilities. In all of our installations, we only use Tier 1 items. We can propose the optimal option for your rooftop based on your electrical and rooftop requirements.


Financial Options

With the assistance of Brighte Credit Facility, Quality Solar Sydney can provide comprehensive solutions by relying on our robust finance facility, which offers $0 Upfront and $0 Interest repayments.


Installation And Setup

After learning about your needs, we determined the type and amount of solar system central coast NSW installed. We will install, service, maintain, and repair your solar systems to ensure uninterrupted power to your house or business.


After-Sales Care

Inspections and evaluations of performance levels, input, and output are carried out to guarantee that the solar systems perform at their best. We not only install the highest quality equipment, but we also give our customers a 100 per cent guarantee and provide after-sales service.

What Are The Advantages Of Residential Solar Energy Systems?

An Excellent Return On Investment

Through government subsidies and rebates, it provides a strong return on investment. In this way, installing a solar energy central coast is a wise investment for homeowners.

Operating Costs Have Been Reduced

Energy costs account for a major amount of any household's operating expenses. Solar panels central coast will save you money by lowering your monthly electricity expenses.

Reliable And Maintenance-Free

Solar power central coast requires very little upkeep. They are usually low-maintenance. Furthermore, a 10-year performance warranty is included with our solar panels.

Environmental Consciousness

By installing a household solar power central coast, you, your family, and your community demonstrate a long-term commitment to reducing carbon emissions and helping to save the environment.

It's The Future We're Talking About

Renewable energy sources are the way of the future. Solar power central coast is one of them. In general, installing solar power systems can aid the present and future. Our hybrid inverters keep the solar battery backup running at all times.

Solar Panels For The Home At An Affordable Price

Solar energy is a sound financial investment. When you engage with us, you have the option of using a finance plan to pay for your services. You can pay for your system over time without putting too much strain on your finances upfront. 

Solar energy tends to pay for itself. You can put that money toward paying off the solar central coast by lowering your monthly electric bill. All of that money goes straight into your pocket once it’s paid for! 

Call us today for more information on household solar in The Entrance and Gosford or anywhere else on the central coast of NSW.

Why Should You Choose Us?

Honesty, compassion, and efficiency!

Panels of the greatest quality are available from us. We strive for complete client satisfaction and will install your system quickly and effectively. We’re excited to assist you in saving money on your monthly energy payment. For a no-obligation quote, give us a call now. One of our Solar Panel Specialists is ready to assist you right now.

Different types of Residentials Solar Power


The most common type of solar panel installation is one that is connected with the consumer electricity grid. The Grid Connect system will feed surplus energy back to the power grid via your meter which you are financially rewarded for by the energy company you have a connection through.


Hybrid systems are a combination of On Grid and Off Grid Systems. They are connected to the grid and have a battery storage as well. In the daylight time, while the load is being powered, the batteries get recharged. If there is still an excess generation of power after the load is powered, the surplus is sent to the grid for which the user is financially rewarded.


These systems have a battery backup available. These are becoming increasingly popular type of solar installation, in another words, Future Solar Systems efficiently storing electricity during the day to run your house at night while you producing your own consuming power and using it at your own timing you have got the advantage of being able to supply power during power outages. 


Residential 6.6 kW Solar System

Our Special Solar Packages Based on the TRINA SOLAR and Fronius arranged for Residential Package– 6.6KW Solar System

Fronius 5kW Inverter

High grade and robust quality Fronius inverters are best suited for such applications

Trina Solar Panels 330W x 20 Nos.

Our 6.6 kW system installation utilises the 330W Trina Honey Solar panels.

10 Years Panel Product Warranty & 25 Years Performance guarantee

Quality Solar Sydney offers a reliable and trustworthy Solar solution with 10 Years Panel Product Warranty & 25 Years Performance guarantee

Recover your system cost in 2-3 years

Also! Save up to 50% off the solar system with the Governments Solar Credit Scheme

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